Information Technology and Telecom


The growing demand for information technology (IT) and telecommunication services on the global market has created an opportunity for IT and telecom firms to expand their marketing strategies and also realign operating costs. The key to success lies in partnering with a proven IT and Telecom translation expert who can quickly and cost-effectively create multilingual communications to support all markets. Turkish Locatrans has the information technology and telecom translation expertise you need.

We have translated thousands of documents, applications and content objects for numerous information technology, telecom, electronics, software and hardware companies. Our translation experts routinely translate materials for:


• Telecommunication systems

• eLearning materials

• User manuals

• Technical specifications

• Product specifications

• Support systems

• Networking and system administration

• Troubleshooting guides

• Web sites

• Messaging and security software

• Installation manuals

• ERP systems

• Desktop & Server Software applications

• Graphics and CAD

• Patent documents

• Hardware devices and embedded systems

• Product manuals

• Contracts and more


We understand the precision, adherence to deadlines and risk management requirements of information technology and telecom translations. We also have the robust resources and global support network necessary to ensure that your translations are technically precise, while also culturally sensitive and relevant.


When you need expert information technology and telecom translation services, choose the market leader – choose Turkish Locatrans.