Our technology and Tools

Our Technology

Technology is not yet good enough to replace humans in the translation and localization process. But it can help at various different stages of the translation process. Turkish Locatrans provides our teams and clients with intuitive and useful tools that allow them to concentrate on what matters; quality of product, cost and service.


Turkish Locatrans uses and applies some of the most useful translation and localization technologies such as:


Translation Management System:

Tracking your translation activity is critical – but it can consume a lot of valuable resources. As part of our managed services commitment, Turkish Locatrans uses online translation management system technology. It delivers a host of productivity-enriching features that help you cost-effectively deliver global content while getting real-time project visibility and ongoing enterprise reporting with minimal administrative and IT burden.


Translation memory:

Translation Memory (TM) is a tool that stores frequently translated terms to ensure consistent translation. Translators refer to a TM to enhance efficiency and increase the quality of translations. This degree of personalization helps clients’ documents maintain of consistency of voice even in a second language. Speeding up translation and localization process as well as reducing cots are of the main advantages of using Translation memory Technology.


Terminology Management:

Terminology specific to your business – like acronyms, abbreviations, and industry terms – can slow down translations and lead to errors and inconsistencies. Turkish Locatrans terminology management captures and manages your unique terminology, using it to build translation glossaries for each language you require. The result is a greater degree of consistency and more efficient and accurate translation, which generates substantial cost savings and allows you to reach new markets faster.


Confidentiality and Security:

To ensure that your information is kept secure Turkish Locatrans has the following security measures in place:

- Secured FTP,

- SSL (HTTPS) webmail,

- Secured SMTP,

- Antivirus and firewall protection,

- No clients files in the cloud.